Restaurant FAQ
I have food allergies. What should I eat at your buffets?
We understand how important it is to know what you are eating when dealing with a food allergy. Given our many made-from-scratch foods, various ingredient suppliers, regional recipes and special promotion menus, the challenge of providing detailed information regarding allergies is extremely difficult. Our chefs are responsible for preparing a delicious array of food offerings that regularly utilize ingredients which can contain some of the more common allergens such as peanuts, shellfish and gluten-containing items. Consequently, we regret that we currently do not have specific allergen information available on our website. We recommend checking with your health care provider or the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network for information regarding your individual needs.
I am on a restricted diet that only allows me to very small portions. Can you offer a discount?
This question arises occasionally, including from guests that have recently had surgery. It is important to understand that our pricing is based on a reasonably sized “meal,” not a specific “quantity of food” or an “unlimited” amount. Individual guests have widely differing perspectives on what they feel is an appropriate meal size. We serve more than 150 million guests per year and each one has unique menu expectations and health requirements. For simplicity sake, we adopted a uniform pricing approach when the company was formed over 29 years ago and this has become a hallmark of our business.
What are your prices?
Our prices vary from city to city, and from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Please check with the restaurant you are planning to visit if you wish to get exact adult, children, and senior prices. It's important to remember that we have an advantage over other buffet restaurants as our price typically covers your meal and dessert. (Note that in limited markets pricing practices may differ, and the company may offer specialty alternatives for an additional fee.)
Do you offer special pricing for senior citizens?
We offer FREE Senior Club Cards to all of our guests aged 60 or above! Proof of age is required to receive a Senior Club Card, which is good for the calendar year. When presented to the cashier, the card entitles the owner to our Senior Club Card discount, when and where applicable (times and amounts vary by store). The Senior Club Card is one of our highest value opportunities, and because of the discounts, cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or coupons.
Do you accept gratuity at your restaurants?
Gratuities are not required, but sincerely appreciated by our service staff.